My corporate wellness program, MIND BODY CREATIVE is uniquely designed for companies ready to bring mindfulness into the workplace and for helping employees cultivate positive and vibrant personal transformation and wellbeing. More and more studies show that bringing wellness into the workplace leads to:

  • higher productivity and creativity

  • increased job satisfaction

  • greater teamwork

  • lower levels of stress


It’s a wellness program focusing on yoga, mindfulness, and creative wellbeing with a number of offerings that can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.


OFFICE YOGA & MEDITATION | Commit to offering weekly practices for your team. This can be offered in conference rooms, on rooftops, or in any spaces available to you and your employees during lunch, or other times throughout the day. (AVAILABILITY COMING SOON)

BREATH WORK FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORKFORCE | Breath work is shown to influence how we function in all aspects of life. Offering various breathing techniques to fit the corporate environment can support your staff by providing tools to create more energy, reset the mind between tasks, calm the nervous system, and bring the body into balance.

CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS | Design a Vision Board! These goal-manifesting collages have become a powerful and helpful creative tool in transforming goals into action. It’s also a great team building and communication tool.

MINDFULNESS TRAINING & WORKSHOPS | Book a full day or 1/2 day uniquely designed wellness program to fit your organisation’s specific needs.

PRICING | Pricing varies depending on length of time, number of people and your specific needs.

Please contact with questions and inquiries.


Hey Louise, just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your workshop on Saturday. Lovely environment and energy in your class… I felt like I was in a private class tuning into your teaching but in the comfortable surroundings of a warm class atmosphere. I took away plenty to ponder, but also practical breathing exercises I can build into my daily routine. Thanks, you’re a wonderful teacher!
— Martin, East London


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