Passively program yourself and your life will move forward fast!

We all have stories… how our hearts have been broken, how we watched our parents fight all the time, how we watched a loved-one pass away, or how we grew up in a world without love. At one point or another, we struggle with our own stories, whether they are put into our heads by us or by someone else. The question is: Am I going to choose something that’s going to serve me or hurt me? How can we change those stories we see as curses — all those stories that hold us back — into blessings and affirmations?

Say goodbye to stories that don’t support self-care, self-value, and self-worth.
— Oprah

Change your awareness

When looking at your stories, start to become aware of who put it there and what the intent is. For example, your dad was always saying you wont have a pot to piss in, but his intent was for you to make a lot of money so you are secure, but the way its’ said lowers your self worth. Spend some time identifying and understanding that awareness, recognising the real intent that surrounds it and then say thank you. The intent was right, but the story that surrounds it needs to change. Start working with affirmations — they are a powerful tool.

I am choosing to…. 

I am choosing to be free

I am choosing to be worthy

I am choosing to love myself

I am choosing to be abundant

When we speak ‘I am choosing’, then we are stating that we will do whatever it takes to manifest what it is that we want. We will take action. We will do that thing, now.


Passively program yourself

Write down your affirmation, post it somewhere you are going to see it — on your mirror, on the windshield of your car, on the bottom of the tv screen or computer screen. You can then start to passively program yourself in the direction you want to go. 

When we focus our intentions on something, we suddenly notice that something where ever we turn. For example, this month is #FebruaryLove, and I’ve decided to post love hearts all month on Instagram. Since I made this intention, all kinds of love hearts in all kinds of places are presenting themselves to me. Its a clear example of being focused and intent daily. What we put in our minds materialises in our lives and deeply affects how smoothly we flow with our universal energy. As Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.”

Change begins when we choose how to see ourselves: as purveyors of positivity and happiness or conveyers of negativity or sadness. What will you choose? Please let me know in the comments below.