Discover how my Weekly Wins progress tracker can change your life

Weekly Wins project tracker

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and overworked or you can’t prioritise your tasks, then my Weekly Wins progress tracker is for you. It's a new tool I’ve designed to increase positive momentum and moves your life (and your business) forward.

And the THING about momentum is that simply by focusing on it, you create more of it. 

The Weekly Wins progress tracker allows you to:

  • Set a positive mindset
  • Create an attitude of gratitude
  • Face challenges and take action
  • And, become more mindful

How to use the Weekly Wins progress tracker

The main intention of the progress tracker is to re-train your brain and create a positive mindset shift. The secret lies in the simplicity, but the tool really packs a punch. Each week you can print a new progress tracker and start fresh by:

  • Setting a weekly intention
  • Tracking your daily wins
  • Writing a daily gratitude list
  • And, acting on any weekly challenges

In just a few weeks, you’ll begin to see a shift in how you think about yourself and your business and how to prioritise things that are meaningful to you. The secret is to stay consistent and you'll see how quickly positive momentum happens.

Setting an intention


Start your week by setting an intention. Write it down in the box at the top of the page next to the heart. Every time you look at your tracker, you’ll be reminded of the intention you’ve set for the week. Each week it could change, or you might want to keep it the same, it's entirely up to you. It could be something simple like:

  • Meditate daily for 5 minutes
  • Drink more water
  • Drink less coffee
  • Smile more

Whatever it is, don’t make it too far out of reach to start, keep it simple and attainable, so you can realistically complete the task every day. But make it quantifiable, meaning, attach a frequency to it - 5 minutes, 20 times, only once. Each day that you complete this task, fill in the heart.

Tracking daily wins


Next, use the progress tracker to jot down your daily wins. Daily wins allow you to keep track of things you’ve accomplished, large or small. In just a few weeks, you’ll quickly see how much you're progressing.

These might be something like:

  • Read a chapter in a book
  • Finished your (homework, paper, speech, blog)
  • Talked to a friend
  • Walked 1 mile

If you have more than six, then great! Write small and squeeze a few more in, or turn the paper over and write on the back.

Write a daily gratitude list

Next, write down three things you’re grateful for. They could be people, animals, your favourite flower, anything you can think of, or maybe things you don’t necessarily think of, like water, fresh air, or sunshine. Writing a daily gratitude list quickly brings you into a positive mindset.  

Take action on weekly challenges


Finally, at the end of each week, think about any challenges you may have faced and list any actions you took to address these situations. And, from those actions, did you learn any lessons?

Here's an example of what happened to me this week, as I've been filling out my own progress tracker:

What challenges did I face this week?

The internet was disconnected at my house for 3 days, so I couldn’t finish my newsletter and blog post in time.

What actions did I take?

1. I decided to go to a cafe to work.

2. I upped my yoga practice to help with my stress levels.

What lessons did I learn?

1. Don't leave things until the last minute so I feel rushed to get things done.

2. The world will not end if I don’t get my newsletter out in time.

By keeping track of your weekly wins, over time, you'll begin to see how far you’ve come. These daily wins really add up and each week you’ll see so much progress happening.


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In the comments below, I’d love to hear how the Weekly Wins progress tracker is helping you, any suggestions for improvements, or any other tools you’ve used. Enjoy the download!