Yoga Pose: Baddha Konasana


This is Baddha Konasana, pronounced (BAH-dah cone-AHS-anna) or Butterfly pose or Cobbler’s pose

This is a seated pose that strengthens and opens the hips and groin. It also stimulates the heart and improves circulation.

It's philosophy and origin:

This pose is believed to have origins in the typical sitting positions of the Indian Cobblers, lending to its alternative name, The Cobbler Pose.


  • Stimulates the heart and improves circulation

  • Opens the groins and hips

  • Helps reduces menstrual symptoms and discomfort

  • Eases sciatica pain


For a restorative variation, have your feet further away from your midline, forming a larger angle in between your upper and lower legs. To release pressure on the knees and hip joints, place blocks under the knees.