Overview 2008-2009

Louise worked at AKQA San Francisco for Target.com

Target wanted to improve its online registries, Baby Registry and Club Wedd, by simplifying the registry management process, reducing user drop-off and purchase incompletion rates, creating a more seamless transition from the registry offline catalog experience to the online experience, and increasing users’ exposure to Target.com’s vendor partners. 


Louise produced a multi-story, Flash-based landing page, using print illustrations to communicate value, breadth of selection, easy returns, and the benefits of registering at Target. As the user delves deeper into the online experience, print illustrations give way to catalog photography and then to product details to ensure that the guest is moved strategically from the offline to the online experience. Users interact with pleasing designs and visual tools that enhance registry creation and maintenance and improve their overall shopping experience. 


Louise incorporated the following registry management features to increase ease-of-use and immerse the user in the online shopping experience:

- relevant buying guide content at appropriate points in the shopping process to steer users through registry creation

- top registry item suggestions and other recommendations based on user input to aid in product selection and exposure users to vendor partners

- more concise and relevant product categorization to simplify site navigation

- allow users to more easily update registries, make changes, and track items

- provide a seamless experience within the registry that prevented users from getting bumped out into the general Target.com site

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