Overview - 2014-2015

Creating a new investment platform will help Barclays Wealth customers to be self-directed.

Louise co-managed a team of 10 ux and ui designers, front-end developers and user researchers through the discovery, concepting and designing of a large-scale responsive investments platform.

Pilot to be launched to Barclays Wealth customers Jan 2016

Project work included:

- stakeholder interviews across multiple business units

- requirements gathering and analysis

- large scale site map

- detailed sprint plans

- complex user journeys

- design of back-end CMS system in CQ5

- detailed content audit

- developed + maintained global styleguide

- helped manage design teams across US, UK and India

- responsive wireframes + Axure prototypes

- project schedule and roadmap

- screen designs and journeys for user testing team

- user test script and plan

- responsive grid system

- competitive analysis

- champion UCD process across team of +200

- integration of multiple online banking systems including: account opening, secure messaging and web chat, alerts and messaging, payments and ID&V, OM&E

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